In the Chapel, we elaborate our high-end wines, employing innovative techniques to achieve the truest expression of our wines and their terroirs. The Chapel also serves as the winery’s R&D site, where trials and experiments are conducted in small batches. The space includes tanks and barrels of different sizes and materials:

  • The concrete eggs (2,000-3,000 liters) allow for improved extraction of tannins and flavors from the skins of the grape. The egg shape produces smooth, concentrated tannins which results in round, silky wines with good structure. White wines produced in the eggs also show an improved structure.

  • In the French oak barrels (225 liters), we ferment Malbecs from different terroirs. According to the characteristics of the grapes, and the way the wines evolve during fermentation, the winemakers decide which are best suited to each line of Malbec we produce.

  • The roll fermenters (600-800 liters) are barrels placed on their side, on a roller, to produce a more delicate extraction from the skins.

  • The pressurized, pearl-shaped barrels (390 liters) provide protection for the liquid and the cap through the presence of carbon dioxide. Fermentation is slower, with a natural extraction produced by the pressure.

  • The Tuscan terracotta amphoras and the porcelain cylinder and egg were recently incorporated to experiment further with methods of wine elaboration.

Through experience, our winemaking team continues to discover the influences and results from each vessel, and thereby enhance the quality of each wine.

Our Wines: